What is the life expectancy of a driveway?

A new driveway installed right after building a house on clay soil can last about 18 years. On the other hand, a replacement driveway installed on a firm, sandy property could last up to 35 years. The difference comes both from the type of soil and from what happens to that soil over time. Let a freshly poured asphalt road dry for 72 hours before placing anything on it.

After three days, you can walk and park your cars, but do so with caution. It can take 30 days to a year for an asphalt road to fully harden and heal. While it can be used during this period, the asphalt will remain relatively soft and flexible. In other words, avoid parking large vehicles until the pavement has completely hardened.

You should also be aware of liquid spills during this time. Keep an eye on your car to make sure there are no gas or coolant leaks, as both could damage freshly poured asphalt. If left unattended, these small cracks will turn into large, unsightly cracks that will require repairs and reduce the life of the asphalt inlet. Because of the many variables that can affect lifespan, they should be used only as approximate guidelines; do not rely on them as a guarantee of future performance.

Here, we'll look at 6 types of entrance materials and discuss the cost, lifespan, and maintenance of concrete versus asphalt compared to the average lifespan of a brick and cobblestone road, which is approximately 25 years, assuming it's well maintained. This is a bar graph that compares the life expectancy of an asphalt driveway with other materials and site amenities. Although this is the case, regular maintenance must be carried out to extend the life of your input. There are several factors that influence the lifespan of asphalt, all of which are important to consider before looking for a qualified asphalt contractor.

The life expectancy of these inputs varies greatly depending on the quality of the installation, environmental conditions, and whether or not proper maintenance is performed.

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