What is the best material to put under pavers?

A cobblestone base with sand is the traditional way to install pavers. This method uses a layer of sand as a bed between the base and the pavers. After installing the sand, the pavers are placed on top and pressed into place. Yes, you can use sand as a cobblestone base.

A sand installation method may be better if a concrete slab is not an option for the base. This system offers permeability and some flexibility. The traditional base for a cobblestone patio is 4 to 6 of compacted gravel above the ground. If you're going to install a roadway or road intended for vehicle traffic, you'll need to double the thickness of the gravel layer.

Coarsely crushed stone is a good base for pavers that will be used more regularly. A 4- to 6-inch base of well-compacted stone pieces provides a solid, stable base for almost any type of paver installation, notes Concrete Construction, an industry website. Look for crushed stone that is specifically designed for use as a base material. Cover the stone with a layer of sand for a smooth, level layer to support the pavers.

You want the base to reflect all your final grades so that when you reach the leveling course, you have a nice, thick, and consistent layer of bedding material. In addition, since rain is not a problem with the installation of this material, this will accelerate efficiency, since you can take advantage of rainy days that you couldn't with a traditional base. Whether you're putting up a walkway or driveway, or installing an outdoor kitchen, pavers are the most reliable material available. Avoid stone dust or limestone filters, as these materials often have too many fines (dust) that trap water, which can cause early cobblestone failure.

This material should never be used in a paving stone installation because of the multiple drawbacks that come with using this material. The recommendation for excessive preparation is that the base material extend beyond the paved edge at an equal distance from the depth of the base. When the right installation is selected, natural stone pavers can provide a durable and beautiful material for landscape design in public spaces. This is accompanied by a separation fabric, either a woven or non-woven geotextile, to separate the base material from the subgrade (also recommended in a traditional base).

The best material to place under pavers depends on many considerations, including the installation method.

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