What are the disadvantages of pavers?

Paving stones tend to be more environmentally friendly than solid poured surfaces. Solid surfaces cause water runoff and chemicals that can contaminate natural water sources. Paving stones allow water to drain as it seeps through the cracks between the pavers. An environmental disadvantage of cobblestones is that many homeowners use strong pesticides to prevent weeds and anthills from being found between pavers.

Homeowners may want to plant herbs or short-growing ground covers between the cobblestones and use the plantation as a design element. Maintenance Weeds can grow between individual pavers, and these driveways are somewhat more susceptible to settling. However, none of these problems should scare homeowners away from the paths of installing patio pavers is like solving a 1000-piece puzzle and must be installed by a professional. Individual patio pavers are practical and inconvenient at the same time.

They are less likely to crack, but the surface may become uneven over time as the floor and pavers move. This can be dangerous for young children or the elderly, as it poses a trip hazard. Another problem is to sink the cobblestones, fixing them can be a challenge and time consuming. You'll need to add more padding between the pavers and work diligently to get them back to where they were.

Paving stones come in a variety of colors and styles, but the more flamboyant the cobblestone, the more expensive. Stamped concrete is cheaper because it's easier to get the look you want: concrete contractors simply stamp the surface with the look you choose. A definite disadvantage of concrete block pavers is the danger of tripping created when pavers move or sink. Two major disadvantages of cinder block pavers are the fact that they move or settle and that weeds grow in the spaces between the pavers.

Brick pavers look classic with durable color and low maintenance, but this paving option has some aesthetic and functional disadvantages.

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