How much is a 20x20 stone patio?

Keep in mind that this stone often comes in irregularly shaped pieces. Unfortunately, that means it's almost impossible to price every piece; many of them come in kits of different sizes to form a square area. For example, a kit or “patio on a pallet” comes complete with pre-cut pavers to create a pattern of various sizes without the need to measure or cut. Brick, stone and slate are just a few of the options for a cobblestone patio that can be designed to bring a house design to the backyard.

Gray slate is a popular choice, but when I made my cobblestone patio I chose a quartzite stone with gold stripes that glows in the light. Natural pavers come in various shapes, colors and textures from materials such as travertine, granite, slab, marble and cobblestone. Carved stone pavers are natural stone slabs that have been cut into perfectly geometric shapes or simply into more regular shapes. The edges of the patio could even be made of a concrete barrier that keeps the bricks and stones in place and, at the same time, gives a new design texture.

Rubber or composite pavers use recycled material and are often less expensive to install; however, they may not last as long as brick or stone. Material options for pavers include clay bricks, concrete, natural stone, pavers, rubber, plastic and more. Marble, cobblestone, and rolled granite are popular choices for natural stone pavers, but they help your budget if you opt for locally available stone options to avoid paying transportation costs. Just be sure to leave an area for it in your stone patio design if you plan to add one later so you don't have to demolish any part of your patio.

Basically, this is concrete made to look like natural stone, but it is generally cheaper. Finally, local patio contractors can get a volume discount on your favorite stone and can help you choose the best stone that fits your budget and your backyard. A cobblestone path costs the most but is the one that lasts the longest, while interlocking pavers provide the best solid surface. Cobblestone patios are available in several options to suit homeowners' preferences, from red bricks to sandstone and tile.

Paving stones, also called dry-laid bricks, come primarily in concrete, natural stone and clay brick with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, textures and colors. However, it requires a lot of time and labor, since a good amount of time is spent on your hands and knees or carrying lots of stones or bricks. A brick cobblestone patio gives your backyard a classic look, while a natural stone patio satisfies a luxurious taste.

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