How much does a 12x12 concrete patio cost?

Concrete is a classic option that has a lower initial cost than other patio materials, such as pavers. While most patios work perfectly as a rectangular slab right next to the backyard door, you may want to design a pergola or build a second-level deck above your patio. When you're discussing the costs of a concrete yard with a contractor, ask them any of these questions to make sure they're the right contractor for you. If the ground is not properly prepared or the concrete is not thick enough, the concrete platform could bend and crack, requiring an expensive replacement much sooner than expected.

In a short time, you can move from a concrete slab to a false slab yard without the possibility of weeds growing through the pavers. Your choice of pebbles or aggregates added to the concrete mix is what creates the range of different styles and increases durability. Patio size and complexity are some of the biggest influences on concrete patio costs, so read on to learn how much you can expect to spend on your new patio. All concrete patios have the same base material, but you can choose from several finishes to customize the look of your patio.

If there aren't many concrete installers in your area, a lack of competition can affect overall costs. A reinforced concrete patio slab contains features inside that help increase its strength and durability. Beyond the more common factors that affect the initial cost of concrete patios, there are additional features you may want to add to improve your patio. Concrete is a mixture of sand, cement, water and loose aggregates, and the proportion of ingredients in the mixture will affect its overall quality.

If you're not sure how to get the most out of your new concrete patio or prefer to have an expert build that pergola or plant privacy hedges, call a nearby local gardening professional. Concrete pavers take longer to install than poured concrete, but they don't require setting or drying, meaning you can use your concrete paving yard almost immediately. Concrete engraving is a solid option for homeowners who have an existing concrete patio but would like it to be a cobblestone patio. While both concrete and pavers need a good subbase, without the right impact procedures, pavers can separate.

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