How many pavers fit in a square foot?

Square Foot Paver On a 4 by 8 inch paver, you have 32 square inches. Divide 144 (the number of square inches in a square foot, determined by multiplying 12 inches by 12 inches) by the number of square inches on the paver. If you have a rectangular project area, to calculate it you only need to measure the width, length, and then multiply. For a circular shape, you'll have to find the radius, raise it to the power of 2 and multiply it by Pi (approximately 3.1).

Let's say I have a rectangular patio with a length of 1 foot and a width of 3 feet that I want to pave with square pavers that are 0.2 feet long (and therefore also 0.2 feet wide). This is the start of your project where you need to measure the size of your patio, so that it's easier for you to estimate the pavers needed for the area. The next step forward is calculating the size of the paver, which you can also do with this free paver calculator. Most pavers are rectangular, so calculating their area is an easy task, however, to make it even easier, here is a table with common cobblestone sizes and areas. We'll teach you how to estimate the total area your project will cover and then divide it by the area of a single cobblestone or pattern made up of many cobblestones.

This free online paving calculator helps you determine the size of the paver and the cost required to complete your patio paving project. Once you've found the square footage of both the project and the paver, determining the number of pavers needed is as simple as dividing the square feet of the patio by the square feet of the paver. If the pattern is created with 2 or more cobblestones, such as the ones below, you must identify the repeating pattern and add up its total area. If the pattern is created using several pavers of the same size, such as those just below, you only need to decide the size and calculate the area of a single cobblestone.

This calculator is ideal for determining the amount of material needed for any paving or patio project. For quick and flawless cobblestone installations at an unbeatable price in Florida, contact us now for a free quote. But what to do when you are going to make specific patterns with these bricks that can contain different brick sizes? Don't worry at all, our cobblestone calculator will help you around the corner. To find it, simply divide the total area of your project by the total area of your individual paver or unique repetitive cobblestone pattern.

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