Do you need to put anything under pavers?

Before laying the pavers, a layer of bed sand is placed on the compacted base material. This layer provides a bed on which the pavers are placed. The sand layer also helps protect sand joints from eroding. Yes, you can use sand as a cobblestone base.

A sand installation method may be better if a concrete slab is not an option for the base. This system offers permeability and some flexibility. Sand is often used together with crushed stone for greater durability. Because sand has many degrees of fineness and roughness, not all types are suitable for use as a cobblestone base.

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute recommends washed concrete sand as the best base sand for pavers. Coarsely crushed stone is a good base for pavers that will be used more regularly. A 4- to 6-inch base of well-compacted stone pieces provides a solid, stable base for almost any type of paver installation, notes Concrete Construction, an industry website. Look for crushed stone that is specifically designed for use as a base material.

Cover the stone with a layer of sand for a smooth, level layer to support the pavers.

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